the diagnosis of misinformation

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Posted by twopercent on April 22, 2013 at 16:27:06:

Belling is quoting Glenn Beck as a reliable journalistic source. Belling is ripping the "mainstream media"(I hate that phrase) for not reporting on Glenn Beck's investigation proving the Saudi National initially trashed by the New York Post, is being deported today because he's a member of a terrorist sleeper cell.


However my post isnt about Belling, Beck, or Saudi National bombing victims. Its about ethics and journalistic integrity.

Over the years ive had numerous "get off my lawn" moments with regard to news coverage by the various broadcast tv networks, cable outlets, newspapers, magazines, radio, and web slime... er, blogs or 'zines. The miscoverage of the boston bombing has proven long gone are the days of edit edit edit, check check check, verify verify verify, edit again and wrap that package neatly with a bow.

Now they claim the increased web competition as needing to be first to report wrong information. They say the "24/7 news cycle" demands talk show hosts with no journalism or broadcasting experience, babble for hours on end, asking stupid questions of dehydrated field reporters like "what does it smell like nearer the bomb sites"? Or even worse, "anchors" that never took a day of training in news reporting, are forced to host their funtimes fluff show by attempting to analyze what our president meant when he said the nation's thoughts are with everyone in Massachusetts ...what's to dissect there? But they did.

is this ship even able to be turned around at this point? Or is it too late? Please tell me someone else here has seen this trend and is just as concerned.

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