Today I called Mark Belling

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Posted by D.A. M, WI on April 10, 2013 at 21:47:44:

And I lost respect for Paul.

I have never called before and I'm not a leftie or a conservative. I'm just a Wisconsin guy.

I listen to all the weekend shows while I'm working on my demos and Paul's really good at selling that bartering bull.

This afternoon Mark Belling was talking about how wrong 92% of Americans are. Referring to the 92% of Americans polled that say mandatory background checks on all gun sales are a no brainer. He said having a mandatory background check on private sales or internet sales would not have stopped any of these recent mass shootings or any shootings at all.

I was waiting for him to do one of those Belling dramatic pauses and banter with Jon Wyatt about the other side, and then he'd reference the Azana Salon & Spa shooting. Surely he knew that incident was in direct disagreement with his argument. But he never mentioned it.

So I called and Paul answered. Paul AGGRESSIVELY argued with me, I mean really took screening to a level I've never encountered in my radio days or listener days. I ended up hanging up because I knew what I was in for when I'd get on with Mark, but I didn't expect to be assaulted and called a commie socialist by the seller of junk bonds and discount home sales every weekend.

Mark never talked about Azana, or about the fact that if this background check policy had been in place the shooter could not have got his hands on the weapon bought over the internet and used to murder his wife and her co-workers in Brookfield.

Not even in that classic Mark Belling off-mic banter with Paul. I guess Paul used it all up on me.

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