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Posted by Waukesha Radio QB on March 23, 2013 at 22:04:23:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: MKE Monthly PPM #'s - Feb posted by Jeremy Andrews on March 23, 2013 at 01:20:38:

Great summation on WXSS vs. WNRG vs. Radio Now. You're right -- Radio Now is what KISS used to be. And does B.K. ever love his 2Pac and Biggie golds, lord. But it obviously works looking at the numbers, the same with The Mix. JoJo and Brian Kelly could have been brothers and sisters when it comes to their programming and music approach. That's why he brought her back from Florida so soon. They missed each other. I still hear a real influence on both The Mix and KISS from JoJo. I've waited forever for a real Rhythmic and I can't get Energy where I live. The times I've streamed it, it sounds tight and bright though. They're really trying on their social media presence too though it's been a shakey start (Energy). I agree with one of the original posters that Radio Now is a placeholder. They have some of the old KISS staff and an out of towner or two, but it's basically just.. there, vs. KISS which I consider more active. I think a bit differently on Elvis Duran though. I think Milwaukee IS ready for a big city morning show like that, it just hasn't had one so there is a learning curve. We're used to the Reitman & Mueller's (barf) and the Jane & Kidd's and the Rocky and Bullwinkle over on KLH. Milwaukee is developing a real nightlife edge, it has popular sports teams, and we get a bit of tourism too. I think we can afford to treat ourselves more like a big city than we do. So Elvis doesn't bother me. Now what bothers me is the fact that he isn't doing his show here, nor has he to my knowledge ever even visited Milwaukee. Connie & Fish were decent, they could have used some smart people surrounding them and guiding them, that is if Fish would have listened to anyone. That show could have been the one syndicated throughout the Midwest. But egos and small market mentality got in the way.

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