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Posted by Here's what will happen on February 27, 2013 at 03:05:45:

In Reply to: What's next? posted by mposeymil on February 26, 2013 at 15:40:19:

I think the WMCS will continue to be urban in some form, but I believe it will be more focused and less "full-service." I would expect them to focus in on R&B, or slow-jams (like Quiet Storm), or Gospel, or something like that. It is easier to brand and develop a station that has a consistent format instead of a format that tries to be too many things.

Yes, V100 will be more automated in the future. I predict that CC will have almost entirely national programming in 5 years. Elvis Duran and Bobby Bones are testing the viability of this as we speak.

WVON will be sold as soon as Vic Eliason kicks the bucket. Someone will offer more money for it than its worth, and his kids will gladly take the money instead of having the burden of maintaining the business. The kids don't really get along. For a "Christian" family, they seem to have much more pettiness, backstabbing, and drama than any other family you've ever heard of.

You forgot Jamn 98-3. This station is healthy and successful, although you probably forget they exist since they don't subscribe to Arbitron

88-9 Radio Milwaukee is turning into a Powerhouse as well. This station is making giant leaps in the community, and they are turning into something I don't think anyone could have predicted. They are taking the community reins, and this is where the community-focused listeners will go in WMCS's absence. Being non-commercial is to their benefit. As long as people are willing to donate, they will be able to keep doing what they are doing (although ratings are a nice touch too).

Also, you may see WMSE centralize its format at some point to fill a community void and compete with 88-9. No central format means no consistent listeners, so for the sake of fundraising they will probably adopt a more common theme for their programming in the foreseeable future.

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