Why is WTMJ's Jon Byman so totally awesome?

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Posted by Jed Starnes on February 24, 2013 at 12:22:38:

Is Jon Byman human? Because his tirelessness, his determination, his quest to be the only voice on 620AM every minute of every day of every week from now until the end of days has me wondering if he isn't some sort of superior life form. It should be against the law for anyone to be this good at what he does. I love his witty stories, from the way he prattles on about his modest upbringing in the posh northern suburbs of Chicago as the child of a high-powered trial attorney, to his battle-tales from the front lines of combat as the president of his condo's homeowners' association, hardly a word Byman speaks doesn't leave me fascinated and yearning for more. He is a broadcasting legend, and will be the first to catalog the reasons why, as a service to you, the humble listener. I have heard others say that listening to his voice is like listening to the sound of a shovel repeatedly striking a rock, but I must disagree, as even the most steadfast shovel-basher takes a break every now and then. Clearly, it is highly unlikely that Byman's charm and charisma could be held to account for pushing nearly every person with any talent for radio out of the WTMJ newsroom over the past few years. I am sure they were all just "looking for a change." Who could question the managerial savvy that has brought us Marconi Award contenders like Eric Grillaert and Jason Quednow? Certainly not mere mortals, like ourselves. Every night, as I lay my head on the pillow, I will thank God that he has given us Jon Byman. His every Dachshund-related syllable is like a fleck of gold, raining down from the Heavens.

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