Sly Sylvester: I'm #7!

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Posted by John on December 02, 2012 at 23:05:22:

Haven't seen anyone post a link to this, but the State Journal's Chris Rickert has a column lamenting Sly's absence from the airwaves.

The best part was this:

-- article clip --

Building anything around Sly isn't as much of a gamble as you might think, despite WTDY's poor ratings history.

Sly was the station's star. He shared Arbitron ratings with me for his time slot that show him tied for seventh this past summer among 46 stations in the lucrative 25-54 age range.

Plus, "I had a lot of advertisers," he said, and many of them are willing to follow him wherever he ends up.

-- end of clip --

Wow! 7th in the 25-54 age range. Out of 46? Who knew there were so many stations in Madison?!?! Yes, I know they're counting all the various rural stations and some of the distant AMs, etc. But by my count, the number of Madison commercial radio stations is more like 15 (92.1, 93.1, 94.1, 94.9, 96.3, 98.1, 100.5, 101.5, 104.1, 105.1, 105.5, 106.3, 1070, 1310, 1670). If you want to be generous and count the non-comms, 18. So ... middle of the pack.

Please tell me why on earth Cheap Channel would pay a guy who despite billing himself as the voice of labor & the left, can do no better than middle of the pack in Madison? I mean, other than altruism to the lefties here in Madison who think Sly being off the air is some sort of tragedy.

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