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Posted by West Coast on November 14, 2012 at 11:05:17:

In Reply to: Fairness Doctrine challenged? posted by TSP on November 13, 2012 at 16:19:25:

Considering that the FCC doesn't consider format in their rulings, CP's or license renewals, I'm not sure exactly what a lawsuit would accomplish. You can't force someone to lose money. With the diversity of sources for liberal and progressive discussion (XM, on-line, satellite television, etc) there are a number of souces for such programming.

The reality of it all is that KPOJ was one of the least listen-to radio stations in Portland. Oregon is one of the true blue states of the west...if listeners weren't tuning in, even in Portland, the station wasn't going to succeed long term and CC gave it six years to work.

If you look at the ratings for the Portland market (a PPM market), you will see that both of the conservative stations (KXL and KEX) has far stronger ratings as does the news/info service of Oregon Public Radio. KPOJ...a one-time ratings success story...saw their usual 3 share (12+) in the diary system sink over time in the PPM world. It does come down to sales and ratings - the programming was good...but didn't attract enough listeners (on a solid signal I might add).

Having overseen a liberal/progressive talk station, I can tell you while you can put a good effort forward in airing programs and bringing to front a new voices...if people don't listen you are not going to make it.

Our conservative talker consistenly won the ratings...our lib talker...last place...and both stations were on equal signals. We changed formats...had to - I liked my employees and needed to find a way to increase billing to keep everyone on board. It's not silencing a format if no one is listening... it's business. I wasn't running a charity.

And if you're mad about KPOJ going aware that CBS Radio is about to blow up KPTK in Seattle...another lowly rated lib talker. It's going all sports in January.

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