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Posted by TSP on November 13, 2012 at 21:37:20:

In Reply to: Re: Fairness Doctrine challenged? posted by Jeremy Andrews on November 13, 2012 at 20:35:06:

Jeremy, well then hello to a fellow liberal. :) But no that is not all. Ratings were shitty that's true, but ratings for WTDY are shitty too. They were BANKING in this last quarter and the 7 quarters before that, even on those low #s. They had revenue coming out the ass and mouth. This was NOT a money decision, it was a political decision. They had almost a HUNDRED dedicated advertisers that are part of the group lobbying Papantonio to get that partner firm of his on the case; on top of the almost 16,000 listeners that have signed a petition already. Talk about some P1s. It might not go anywhere but I'm all for it. I think liberal talk has never been given the chance to establish itself in the way conservative talk was. The Fairness Doctrine was dumped because conservative talk was not going to be able to build with it in place. Besides getting blowjobs in the oval office and the NAFTA deal, the Fairness Doctrine was the third worst thing to come out of Clinton's presidency. In just about every market that has a liberal station the owner also has a conservative station and all the resources go into the conservative. No billboards, TV time, cross-promotion, guerilla marketing, promotions besides remotes, nothing. Then the first opportunity the company gets to dump it, they do. That's what happened with 92.1 only the listeners went bezerk when they heard what CC's plans were. Portland is about to experience what Madison did with the 92.1 fiasco only on a scale never seen before in my observations.

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