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Posted by Just Jim on October 15, 2012 at 11:52:38:

In Reply to: Re: Z104 drama posted by Jeremy Andrews on October 15, 2012 at 00:00:43:

What a thoughtful post. Thank you for that.

I think what the original poster or maybe it wasn't the original poster, the loudest poster here. I think what he/she was getting at is the demo for a night jock on a CHR is 12-24. Generally speaking the night jock at these stations is always a relatively attractive or at least attractive sounding male who is a ladies man or at least portrays that persona on the air. This is why you don't see many female night jocks on CHR and I could name the ones nationally on one hand.

To your point, that younger side of the demo (12-17 boys and girls) benefits the most from Aaron's coming out. I think those are the people that are most affected by the bullying and the pain of living in the closet. It's possible Aaron loses some of the older female demo (17-24) because they are the ones who want the hot guy on the radio.

But while it isn't the target demo there are 24-34 year old females listening and I think they are appealed to by this move. They already have boyfriends or husbands or if they don't, they've already matured to the point where they just want to hear the music and good conversation that reminds them a bit of their younger days. They don't necessarily need the sexual fantasy of hooking up with the radio DJ, and they don't necessarily flock to the remotes with that intent. Furthermore those people are more likely to have many gay guy friends (think "I love my gays").

I wouldn't usually take this argument on in such depth but I agree with Jeremy that bullying and gay identity is a nationwide crisis, and Madison is one of the most gay and progressive cities in the nation.

Is Aaron suited for a move to afternoons maybe?


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