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Posted by FlawedPremise on December 10, 2011 at 12:22:28:

In Reply to: Say what you will posted by Joe Troublemaker on December 07, 2011 at 11:26:40:

Joe I don't whole-heartidly disagree with you. However, WWQM is a commercial radio station while WORT is not. Apples and oranges. John Sebastian's job (and the job of EVERY commercial PD in the country) is to generate revenue. You drive revenue through ratings and not any other way. Being unique, cute, egotistical, different or whatever other word you want to use is all fine and well as long as you drive ratings and revenue. Without that, it's a moot point. John failed terribly in both of those areas.

He gets high "artistic points" but very low "revenue points". Which do you think matters more? Again - for WWQM not WORT.


: There's a lot of animosity toward John Sebastian on this board but his absence has left a void in Madison radio. You can talk up Fletch all you
: want and sing his praises because he's a local boy. He's not doing anything innovative though. He's programming the station to appeal to the
: masses of people whose tastes don't go beyond Taylor Swift or the Band Perry. Why can't we get somebody to shake things up in this market, to
: have the ambition to make a splash like Sebastian had?  I don't want to hear about ratings books and his ego. You've all said that enough.
: If anybody had a backbone in this town they'd be calling out WORT, a community station, for not serving its community. It's a liberal propaganda
: station and that serves some of Madison and does not serve its suburbs at all. Free form radio should not have to conform to political policy in
: its content. Why don't we hear more moderate forms of entertainment on WORT? (Sunday gospel being an exception) I tune in to WORT and I hear
: things that appeal to people on the fringe. Mainstream media appeals to people on both sides of the fringe. Do something bold! WORT management
: should go out to the suburbs and find out why nobody there listens to them.
: And that's the kind of splash I'm talking about.

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