Z104 godliness-the truth

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Posted by no name on July 26, 2008 at 01:28:58:

In Reply to: Z104 godliness posted by Confused on July 21, 2008 at 14:22:38:

Z104 is anything but godly. It's just been here so long that people take it not by choice, but by habit and because of lack of options.

Let's take a look at just how godly Z104 really is:
-Connie & Fish in the morning. Aside from their great egos, there is nothing great about this morning show. Sure it works and they've been voted "best" in Madison many times now but it all goes back to lack of options for the market. Hey Fish (Chris), yeah you lost weight but you still aren't hot. I should also mention their neverending stream of new "producers" and by producer I mean the latest intern who will do it for minimum wage or better yet, free. And Cheeks (Nick) who obviously is a needed part of their show considering they have brought this former intern back from the dead so many times now. He should charge Connie & Fish appearance fees because he obviously really helps "make" their show.
-Katie's short show in the midday. Blah blah blah Lindsay Lohan slept with a girl, blah blah blah Tom Cruise farted on the set of his new movie, blah blah blah Britney Spears is a new mom again! This is the same female-jock midday show you could hear in market 100 or 500. I would be doing a disservice if I didn't mention her interest in sleeping with horrible co-workers such as Billy Hammond. Ew.
-On Air with Ryan Seacrest. He's live in Madison people! Really he is! He beams himself here every day to the suped-up studios on Fish Hatchery Rd! You can't get worse than having a syndicated talent who never even says Z104, you have to put in your own Z104 sweepers in the middle and end of his segments.
-Jon Reilly's fat and fabolous afternoon party. Voicetracking the afternoon drive is genius. Who needs interaction as they're driving home from work and school. This is the problem on so many stations where the PD is determined the be on the air because they still have that itch and usually the PD doesn't have the talent anymore. In Z104's case, the PD needs to be on the air probably because of budget so he just voicetracks it and let's it sound boring and stale. The traffic reports really take it to another boring level too! This is a situation where Z104 really runs itself and unless you're a complete idiot you can't screw it up, so I don't know why Mr. Reilly can't find time to put some personality into his show if he's going to be on the air. Oh I know why, because he sucks.
-Whatever intern is around this month at night. In the current case it's Ryan Walker formerly known asn Intern Ryan. Doing all of the cliche annoying things that every other green unsure-of-themself-wannabe-player night jock is doing. And he updates his Z104 page a lot too:"Favorite Songs?: As of 03/11/08, here are 5 songs that currently rock my world"
-The part timers which again are whatever interns are around and will do it free or for part time wage. People will no previous on-air experience and people with no coaching from Jon Reilly other than to not talk a lot, don't have a lot of phone calls and voicetrack if you can please. Quinn is the exception who is awesome but belongs on a rock station. Poor Quinn. He lets Clear Channel walk all over him.
-Imaging with the voice guy who belongs on a classic rock station or doing hard news voiceovers. Jon Reilly must have a fetish for this guy's voice because it does not fit the music or format at all.

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