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Posted by bADGER bOY on July 22, 2011 at 19:06:31:

In Reply to: Star vs Q Chapter II posted by The country armchair quarterback on July 22, 2011 at 11:05:56:

I don't view John & Tammy as turncoats. As much as you may like a morning show or other talent to have loyalty to a station, it's also true that the station needs to show loyalty in return. Their departure for Star may have a case of 1) an opportunity to good to turn down; 2) WMF didn't believe they serisouly would leave 3) WMF didn't feel a need to reward them for the work they had already done and/or to match anything that CC may have offered.

Its much same as sports stars. LeBron James was and still is critized for ditching his hometown Cleveland team to head to Florida. But in the end it what he felt was the best for him. Time will tell if he was right or wrong and what really matters in the end is how he feels about it.

In this day and age and in the society we live in - you look out for #1 - yourself. J&T were given an opportunity and decide it was best for them.

Q106, while a very listenable station, is not the station it was in the heydays of the 90's when J. D. Barber, Mel McKenzie, Ken Scott, Big Red, Dr. Chris Michaels, Jake Preston and other were there. It was plugged into Madison's country music listeners and was a solid station.

The work Joihn Sebastian did took it in another direction and while still playing country, became a much different station than what it had been. There was much griping on this and other boards on how Sebastian re-launched the station and what Q was doing. The station continue to have a solid listenership but there is no doubt Q has changed over time.

B-T-W - Mr. Sebastian's recent pr job claiming the station has its best ratings in its history certainly would rankle a couple of programmers I know who now live in Missouri and Alaska...who both scored #1 ratings in 12+ and their target demo's. I don't remember Mr. Sebastian even hitting number #1 12+ and while he may have scored solid ratings...they certainly were not the best Q has ever seen.

With all the changes at Q with Fletcher coming (best wishes sir!) and over at Star...the country radio scene here in the Capitol City will no doubt be interesting.

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