Original Song is a tribute to Tucson shooting victims and heroes

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Posted by Jeffrey Marc Rockland on February 06, 2011 at 22:17:11:

The morning of Saturday, January 8th started as most Saturday mornings for me in Tucson. I left my house a little before nine to go teach childrenís creative movement classes at a studio one light from the Safeway where Gaby Gilfords was going to speak. I had received a group voice mail from Ms. Gilfords telling of her town hall meeting, and had intended to tell my father (an American Studies professor, visiting from New Jersey) to bring my children to this event.

In my rush that morning, I neglected to tell my Dad about this event. Lucky for my wife she was late waking up because she headed to Safeway when they were closing off the area (right after the terrible carnage had transpired) and she couldnít get into the parking lot. It could so easily have been my father and my children, or my wife that were caught in the horrible shooting. We live one block from that Safeway and shop there for groceries every week.

I have written this song in an attempt to somehow come to grips with the reality of what took place. My main focus in this song is Christina Taylor Green (the youngest victim). My older daughter went to the same school as Christina and my middle daughter was conceived three days before Christina was born. In July of 2001, two months before 9/11, we visited New York and were on the very Towers that saw their end that September.

On July 11th, 2006, while my wife was in labor with my youngest daughter, a news program played from a nearby television. There had been a horrible train bomb in Bombay. Recently, while trying to comprehend how a madman could come to our grocery store, with over 100 bullets intending to kill our Congress woman and as many other people as he could, I feel a greater empathy for folks in Moscow caught in another act of terrorism.

Terrorism and suffering are part of our world, no matter where you live. When tragedies like these happen, we are forever changed. We are but one world, one planet. Let us heal together and find a way to stop the insane violence that shows itís face too often.

If you have a moment, please visit the attached You Tube clip (that I created) of a song that I have written as a means of somehow digesting this horrible event which took place a block from my home.


Thank you in advance for listening.

Jeffrey Marc Rockland

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