Re: Rupert Murdoch propaganda on The Mic?

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Posted by Rocky Dennis on January 27, 2011 at 11:52:22:

In Reply to: Rupert Murdoch propaganda on The Mic? posted by O Really on January 26, 2011 at 06:57:09:

Unfortunataly my AM radio doesnt work in my car so I am FORCED to listen to the Mic. I thought maybe it would be good for me though to get a liberal perspective on things (I am independant - I vote 50/50). After spending the last 6 months listening to nothing but the Mic, I will be voting republican much more than democrat in future elections! Liberal talk radio only hurts democrats. They all come across as whiney cry babies and all they do is bash Sara Palin.. We get it.. She's a MORON! At least people like Hannity and Rush are entertaining. The libs on the mic are just ANNOYING!. I would be HAPPY to see the mic go off the air.. Bring back that Alternative station so at least I have SOMETHING decent to listen to! Liberal talk radio DOESNT WORK. And these morons can protest all they want but its a BUSINESS people. If they (CC) cant sell commercials, they will FLIP IT. But then again, what do liberals know about business??

: Bill Press is mentioning (on air and on his website) that The Mic plans to replace his show with The Wall Street Journal Report on 4/1.

: Is this true? Or is this another attempt by CC to yank the chain of The Mic's fans? (The mentioned date is April Fools' Day, after all.) I mean, fool them once, shame on them (all sports); fool them twice, shame on us (Dave Ramsey); but trying to fool them three times? If this plan is legit, is CC really still committed to progressive talk in this town?

: Either way, fans of the station are set to assemble Thursday night at Glass Nickel on Atwood Ave to raise a ruckus about it.

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