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Posted by on January 28, 2010 at 10:45:56:

JD Garfield
WJQM 93.1 Jamz
Madison, WI
Midwest Family Broadcasting
Danville IL (Sometimes referred to as Dan-tucky, D-Vegas, Hole in the Earth and Armpit)
Same as above

None of these stations exist any more. Hmmm, wonder if that says something about me?
1996-2000 WIAI/Danville IL. It was Country and owned by a horrible company.
2000-2001 WEBX/Champaign IL. Xtreme Radio. I had some fun here. We made a couple chicks eat a pound of M&M's a piece in order to get tickets to see Limp Bizkit, Eminem and Papa Roach. They both threw up. It was awesome, until I threw up.
2001-2003 WKTT/Sheboygan WI. This was my first jaunt at being a PD. I failed miserably at this one. I even got out of radio for a while. It was a good learning experience and gave me the opportunity to work closely with Jack Taddeo.
2003-2007 WRPW/Bloomington IL. Program Director, afternoons and did some production too. Bloomington was cool, I really liked it there.
2007 - Present WJQM/Madison WI. Booyah!

1. Why Radio?
Tried the military first and physical problems made that impossible. So my back-up was always radio. It all started when I was 7 years old, eating a Happy Meal and seeing Dr. Johnny Fever on WKRP say "booooooogerrrrr". I spit out my McNuggets laughing at that. It was the very first episode! I own it on DVD.

2. To date, what is the highlight of your radio career?
Getting this job in Madison. You don't understand how hard and for how long I tried to get a radio gig in a market that actually had more than 30,000 people in it. This has truly been a dream come true!

3. You aren't a Madison native. What do you like the most about living and working in the market?
Summertime in Madison is AMAZING! Farmer's market on Saturdays if ya wanna get your organic on, Taste of Madison in September is awesome, Dane County Fair in July is off da hook, and the golfing...oh my oh my the golfing is good. Plus, Madison lies between two huge lakes. That means bikinis...and lots of em...everywhere...with beer.

4. Tell me about your line-up and staff at WJQM. Gladly,
Big Boy's Neighborhood in the morning. Has been good to us!
Kid Snuff - He's an import from our rock station WJJO. He LOVES old school hip hop so we gave him the opportunity to host the Throwback Lunch every weekday at noon.
Your's Truly in the afternoon. Music intensive, few calls, celebrity garbage, the occasional TEXT poll and Carmen Calls at 5:45! W00t!
Brandon "Scotty Mac" Marshall. Picked this kid up in marquee trade with the Chicago Cubs farm team...ok not really. He came to us from B100 in Iowa. He's my go-to guy. Music duties, imaging, promotion ideas and the ladies like him. He's a lil weird though, he refuses to touch any pens that he didn't buy.

5. So...Kesha and Lady Gaga get in a fight backstage at the next VMAs...who wins?
Kesha everyday and twice on Sunday. NEVER underestimate the strength and resolve of a woman who could probably drink the entire country of Ireland under the table.

6. I could see you on Survivor...what's the LAST TV reality show you would be on?
Any of that crap on MTV. If it was circa 1993 and they wanted me to be on The Real World, then hell yes...these days not so much. Now it's just a reason to get a bunch of hormonal 20 somethings in a house together and see how quickly they'll hook up or get drunk and nearly kill each other. Don't even get me started on Jersey Shore...douche-fest!

7. Rhythm radio may not have ever sounded so Pop and Pop never as Rhythmic. What's your favorite "Pop" song you're not playing right now?
Ahhh, guilty pleasure. Owl City "Fireflies". The lyrics of that song gave me nightmares when I first heard it but I like the way it sounds. It's like if the TV show Lassie and Rocky & Bullwinkle got together, tripped on acid and wrote a song.

8. Who do you consider your mentor(s)?
How long do you have? I'll make it brief, In no particular order...
•Donald Roy Lane - non radio related hero.
•John McKeighan - taught me a lot about Selector and survival.
•Jack Taddeo - taught me how to build radio stations from the ground up
•Randy Hawke - it's like learning from Babe Ruth how to swing a bat.
•John Maverick - he lets me know when I'm doing something stupid. Loudly.
•Steve Smith - consultant extraordinaire! He trusts me...just a little.
•There's many, many more...these just stick out.

9. Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin's largest campus. How much of an impact on the station does being in a big college town have?
It's hard to gauge because the student body doesn't get Arbitron diaries unless they live here year-round and most of them don't. It's cool to know that we are the #1 choice for most of them when it comes to Hip Hop. We try to tie ourselves in with as many sporting events as possible. Especially the football tailgate parties. You MUST come up here and tailgate some Saturday. You'll never be the same! You can crash on my futon.

10. Where do you go to get away from it all?
Golf Course, firing range, my mom's couch in Danville. Don't really have that much time to get away but when I do, I hit it like a CAVEMAAAAAN!

Bonus Questions

- If you were to leave Radio and music today and you could choose any other occupation, what would it be?
Police/SWAT Officer. I've got some law enforcement training from a former job I had and I think being a cop would come easy. Either that, or maybe a high school teacher...English.

- If you could only watch one movie, one TV show and listen to one album...for one year, which would you choose?
Ooooh, this is where I'm gonna get called out ugly. Movie...Full Metal Jacket without a doubt. Not only because I have the first 45 minutes committed to memory and can recite it word for word. But also because it's funny as hell! Did you know that R. Lee Ermey improved that whole portion of the movie. NONE of that was scripted! Stanley Kubrick even had to ask him what a "reach-around" was.
TV show would have to be Rescue Me on FX.
The one album would have to be "10,000 Days" by TOOL. Yes, TOOL...not Hip Hop. Sorry. I do it for a living, that doesn't mean I wanna spend every waking moment of my life with it.

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