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Posted by Shep on December 28, 2009 at 08:06:06:

I think I hate radio in Madison. I'm forced to listen to it all day at work, without the option of popping in a CD or MP3 player.

Usually we listen to 105.5 WMMM. Their slogan is "world class rock" which apparently means "play the same dozen or so songs over and over" They try to be as diverse as possible, which is to their credit. But they'll pick a random song like the one-hit wonder by the Primitive Radio Gods or "Wrap it up, I'll take it" by the Fabulous Thunderbirds and I'll hear it every day for a month. a few months ago I heard "Roam" by the B-52s every day. They've got the idea of digging deep in the crates for songs, but can't quite grasp the idea of digging often, because it doesn't matter if the song is obscure if you're going to play it like its new.

I'm getting older maybe, but WJJO has completely lost me. I still listen to plenty of hard rock and metal at home, but their playlist as a reflection of the worst scream-0 and metal by numbers alienates me completely. I've been listening to Active Rock stations in every city I've lived and WJJO does win points for having the most diverse playlist, even if the times mean that playlist is shit.

WMAD is back again, but HD only. They actually did dig deep and whip out some weird selections like "Coma" by GNR or random Public Enemy songs with their cavalcade of Modern Rock. It all fit the format. Shame I can't stream it here at work.

Z104 plays the Top 40, which isn't always great but its usually fine music to work to since the Top 40 changes frequently and its usually upbeat. But during peak hours they do that annoying 61-minute-hour where they speed up songs to make room for more commercials. When you take a female singer up and speed her up, it sounds like a chipmunk song.

My other options at work with our ancient tuner at WOLX, Magic 98, and q106. Country annoys my co-workers, but doesn't bother me as much because I don't know all the songs and i'm not distracted by hearing "Wrap It up, I'll take it" for the 9th time in a week. WOLX is dipping into the late 70s, thus putting its playlist dangerously close to the WIBA FM's, at least for rock.

Magic 98 is what plays in a dental office in hell.

Maybe I need to buy one of those ipod FM transmitters and play 16 hours of They Might Be Giants at work.

Whats everyone listen to here, when chained to a radio?

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