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Posted by RadioChaCha on November 25, 2009 at 12:46:46:

In Reply to: Re: Record Radio Shows with Replay AV posted by Former Nightjock on November 24, 2009 at 11:21:36:

That's actually pretty cool but who the hell has a VCR anymore? Honestly? Guessing not many people under the age of 40.

Thanks for the tip... will come in handy if I ever buy a dual DVD/VCR in the future.

: You don't need a special program to record your show from home. This is handy in cases when your station's aircheck deck is broken and engineering has promised to fix it ''right away''. It's also helpful if you want to record your competition and review after your own show.

: Every VCR typically has an audio input jack that is normally used by a camcorder or another input device. The audio portion of your VCR can double as an excellent audio tape recorder! Unlike the usual audio cassette recorder, the VCR has a timer that lets you program the actual recording time and duration.

: Here's how to set up your VCR to record a radio program:

: On the back or front of the VCR, look for a jack (monaural) or a pair of jacks if it is a stereo model.
: Check your VCR documentation to find out how to record from a "Line" or "aux" input source. Set the VCR to that mode.

: Purchase an audio patch cable with a phono plug or plugs at one end and the appropriate plug on the other end (typically a one-eighth inch plug) to match your recording source. You might use a portable radio with an earphone jack or an AM/FM stereo receiver with an earphone jack.

: Connect the patch cord between the VCR audio input jack(s) and the radio receiver's earphone jack.

: Leave the radio receiver on, tuned to the station you wish to record.

: Program your VCR as you would for taping a TV show, choosing the correct time and duration of the radio show.

: When finished, play the tape back as usual, through the TV for the sound. It may take some experimentation to get the audio level setting at the radio receiver exactly right.

: That's it. You now have the ability to record up to six hours of radio shows on some relatively inexpensive tape and in stereo!

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