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Posted by Reality Check on October 08, 2009 at 09:37:44:

It seems that every few weeks or so there is some Q106 bashing on this site. Why are so many of you on the Star bandwagon?

Think about it: They're owned by Clear
Channel, who is all about profit and care very little about programming. Now Star is saying they're the only "real" country station in town. What kind of
elitist nonsense is this? This is a weak justification for a narrowly defined playlist featuring the flavor of the month "hits" that Clear Channel is famous for ramming down our throats.

Q106, a locally owned heritage station, gets experimental (which is the kind of radio many long for in this corporate era) and it's not good enough for any of you- "destined to fail".

Why have you all drunk the corporate kool-aid? John and Tammy aren't about loyalty, they betrayed the station that made them famous for $$$$$ from Clear Channel. So why the loyalty to them? You can't even get into their elitist listener events unless you jump through hoops and win tickets. Guess it goes to show Wisconsin people aren't loyal, they just stand where the sun happens to be shining at the moment

PS: OK, I'll concede that Q106 plays flavor of the month "hits", too. But why the narrowmindedness about what defines country when Darius Rucker, Dave Matthews, Bon Jovi, Jessica Simpson, and Jewel have already been played on all country stations in recent years?

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