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Posted by manny on July 16, 2009 at 06:34:48:

and the only ones that haven't figured it out yet are the cronies that run it or the recording industry. The next generation of listeners (teens) have already made the exit. Do you really think a teenager listens to radio to catch the latest hits? Does anyone go to the mall to buy their favorite CD? The new generation (younger listeners) don't want to be "programmed to". Why should they, with peer to peer sharing of music? It ain't like the days when we listened to radio to catch the latest from the fab four.

Personally, I am happy for Mr. Sebastian that he can actually still find a job in the industry, for his sake. If I were advising him on matters of career, I'd tell him to save as much money as he can while he can still has employment in the industry. Meanwhile, he's furiously trying to figure out where the cheese has been moved to, and thankful to be employed and living in a nice place like Madison.

As a format, country listeners, like news talk listeners, will probably be the last to desert terrestrial radio, since their listening habits are so established. But even adults aren't fooled by the robot radio that is programmed at them.

The future is here. And it's not satellite radio. The listener is now the program director. Podcasts. Peer to peer sharing, mp3s on your Ipod. Look at teenagers in your family if you don't believe me.

As for Q106, at least their company, Midwest Family, is not debt ridden like the giants from the era of consolodation. Watch for the news of major broadcast company bankruptcies in the very near future. Companies formed in the era of consolodation are teetering on the edge right now. And watch for broadcast companies on the brink to beg for a federal bailout..

Enjoy the little Q106 stunting while you still can.

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