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Posted by Jeremy Andrews on August 29, 2016 at 02:03:55:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: KLH posted by Paul on August 27, 2016 at 22:02:32:

WUWM's HD Transmitter fried and they didn't have the funds to fix it. So they gave up on that.

WUWM-2, which ran AAA 24/7 went online-only. They also gave up on that. They do not run AAA at night anymore either.

Reason? Most likely the fact that WYMS has that covered.

WYMS' HD has been missing in action. They ran the same programming on HD-2 as they did on the main. The reason for this was so during school board meetings, the regular programming could be heard elsewhere. They probably stream that.

Stations have to pay a fee to iBiquity for each channel and I'm guessing to run HD in general.

Think of where and why that would be useful and finances.

WUWM and WYMS have raise funds. They can't really sell commercials. And neither of the HD-2 (The main selling point for HD Radio) were probably not worth that kind of money with the budget they have to work with.

Up the dial. WHAD, WGTD. WHAD uses HD-2 for Classical Music (A big void in Milwaukee, they also run this network statewide)

WGTD was given a CPB Grant for their HD Operations. They run Mainstream Jazz on HD-2. A void left by WYMS in 2007.

104.7 (WDDW) added HD so they could launch La 93.7 (A translator) on 104.7 HD-2.

WXSS HD-2 feeds 105.7. Prior, it gave a higher quality option for WSSP, which never broadcast in HD.

WMYX HD-2 runs the Blues programming. Entercom runs it nationwide. Think of it as a choice that you otherwise wouldn't have.

WKKV HD-2 simulcasts WXXM. Milwaukee does not have a Progressive Talk outlet. There have been a lot of complaints about that. WCPT Chicago can be heard in some parts of the market, but not perfect. WKKV HD-2 simulcasting WXXM gives Milwaukee a Progressive Talk option.

Milwaukee has not had Classic Country since WOKY flipped to Sports. Where did The Wolf go? Well basically what you heard on 920 now sits on WMIL HD-2.

Same down the dial at 95.7 HD-2 with Oldies. The only difference it's now a raw stream simulcast instead of the same music log with WOKY's 2007-era imaging in use. For iHeartMedia, simulcasting their national streams on HD-2 channels saves them money on streaming costs. Every National stream they have has an HD-2 channel tied to it somewhere.

Saga has HD on most of their FM signals, not all of them. A lot of them do not have HD-2 however they keep that option open. In several markets they use these for FM Translators. In Milwaukee, they had been used to simulcast WJYI, which has poor coverage at night being on the 1340 signal. It has not been on 102.9-2 since a couple days ago. Not sure if this is a result of the 98.7 translator or a technical problem. I can tell you that WKLH's HD audio sounds better than their analog.

WWDV (96.9) has the same HD setup as the station it simulcasts. WDRV. They run Deep Album Classic Rock on the HD-2. An option that people actually have been known to listen to.

Think of it as a way to give broadcasters and listeners more options, whether that's more programming options on HD only or more programming options thanks to the ability to use an analog translator for an HD-2 channel.

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