Memory Lane with Whad'Ya Know? and Michael Feldman

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Posted by GEo on March 14, 2016 at 14:35:23:

I sent this email to Mike about ten years ago. I didn't get permission to share his replies, so I'm just posting my original email to him. We're not close friends, but I consider him a mentor and he considers me a protegee. I do an AM political talk show -weekends in the Twin Cities and I have a YouTube show about current events- including pop culture, political and world events. I put out a 10 minute segment 3 times a week. I average a 2.5 share on my AM show and I have a little over 17,000 subs on YT. None of this is bragging or shameless self promotion (I'm not even telling you where to find me!), it's to show Mike Feldman's show reached and even touched people. I am obviously biased but believe he deserved better by WPR and Public Radio International. They're going to throw up a brokered slot or just use those paid advertisements for joint supplements that sound like radio shows.

Dear Mr. Feldman,

I am 14 years old. My family brands me as being obsessed w/ radio and television. The proof they use most often is that I created my own IFB and connect it to a tiny radio receiver that clips to the back of my pants. The cable runs under my shirt to the earpiece. With that background, you probably agree with my parents and family. I listen to a lot of radio. I guess some teens my age do sports and others are book worms. I am inside on a summer day with closed captioning turned on so I can read whats in the prompter. It drives my brother and sisters nuts. [Toss to Vince on the deck].

Now that you know that stuff, my grandparents said I needed to attend one of your Whad'Ya Know? live shows. I wasn't previously much into talk radio. I listened to Kiss FM, The Myx, V100 and wherever else I can DX or when I'm closer to the Ill. border, I sample Chicago stations. So we got tickets to your show I think (I can't remember if there were tickets). And we attended last weekend. I was in complete awe. You probbaly remember me, because I kept coming up to the front where all the mics and audio equipment were. I was standing on the side, and people kept asking me if I Needed something (I think hinting that I should go sit down) but I stayed there much of the show. I am not ashamed. Your show was so much fun, there was a lot of audience interaction, interesting guests, and cool behind the scenes interactions with the producers, tech people, and talking with guests before they came on air to sort of prep them.

Coming to Whad'Ya Know? changed my mind of what I want to do when I grow up. I want to be a radio talk show host, one who has a large ensemble of cast memebers. Not necessarily a comedy show or a copy of your style, but I like the overall structure Whad'Ya Know? has with you, Mr. Feldman. When I get older, would it be OK if I emailed you from time to time if I am able to get into the radio business? I would love to keep in touch and even get your feedback on how I'm doing and how I might do better if I'm progressing in the radio business.

I am thankful to my grandparents for knowing enough about me to know Whad'Ya Know? could expand my horizons and thoughts of broadcasting. But even they I don't think knew how quickly my eyes would be opened to this medium. Thank you for that. You are inspirational, I hope it's okay to say that.

Thank you again and I will contact you as I get older. I am already selected to do the morning announcements starting this August when school starts back! There is a radio, television, or drama elective class I can take when I Am a senior in HS and I know now which I'm selecting!!

(MY nickname, real name Georgio Deapoulous)

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