To Country Boy...

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Posted by Jeremy Andrews on June 19, 2015 at 09:23:58:

This happens. Rarely, but it happens. If you do a database search you will not find any Journal or Scripps Trademarks for "Lake", just "It's All About The Variety" but it looks like they'll get their way anyway. No fault of the smaller broadcaster, who's format they not only took (Hot Country) but put the cherry on the cake by starting this legal battle.

This has happened before. More than once. The most known was in Chicago. A small upstart Big City Radio launched "92 KISS FM" in 1998, filling Chicago's CHR void. All was well before Clear Channel decided to take their format, install it on a full market signal, and take the name and file a C&D, claiming rights to the name "KISS", so a few weeks later BCR gave up and launched Energy 92-7&5

Same thing happened to them on their former 103.1 frequency, twice. First 103.5 took their rhythmic oldies format in 1998, then 94.7 took their 80s format in 2000.

Clear Channel tried to stop 103.7 in Milwaukee from using KISS. Entercom told them to "Shove it" because Entercom owned WMYX, and has the same claim to "Mix" that Clear Channel to "KISS", and Clear Channel was using "Mix" all over the country.

This is basically Magnum being stuck in these unfortunate situations where larger companies go after them, either taking their format on a bigger signal, giving them no chance to succeed or having a branding war.

The staff there are well prepaired for the branding change. They just need to get a new logo going and Dave (I believe he voices the liners) has to record some new ones as "92-1 The Shore" Listeners will listen anyway regardless of what it's called. They listened to AC on EZ 92 and Lite Rock 92-1, they listened to Classic Hits on Oldies 95.7, 95.7 WRIT, My 95.7 and Oldies 95.7, I'm pretty sure they can handle this.

I was in a bad state last night. I apologize. I will unban your IP on my board. You're welcome to return, just please don't be so negative.

And don't hesitate to E-Mail me if you want to discuss things more in depth.

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