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Posted by John on October 30, 2012 at 16:28:29:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Wes, Rahny and Alley on Mix posted by skdjfhoadf on October 30, 2012 at 10:22:16:

"Regarding which are still live and local; Bob and Brian is the only one that comes to mind."

This thread is about Madison radio. Bob & Brian are not local to Madison. They're simulcast from the Hog in Milwaukee. C'mon, man!

Gee, let's think for all of point 3 seconds... what's live and local in Madison? Well, Entercom has two other live & local morning shows (Jonathan & Kitty on WMMM and Scott Miller on WOLX).

All of Midwest's stations have live & local morning shows, except for WHIT: Magic 98's morning show is live and local. Fish is on 93 Jamz., Johnny & Greg on WJJO, Candy + Potter on Q106 and Sly on WTDY.

Clear Channel, cheap bastards though they may be has live & local shows on Star Country (Tracy & Mike), WTSO (Lucas & Lepay) and WIBA-AM (Outside the Box).

In short, I think it's easier to list the stations that AREN'T live & local in the morning: 92.1 the Mic, 101.5 WIBA, Z104, and Mix 105.

Don't get me wrong -- losing a live morning show on Z104 is a clear loss for that station. Elvis Duran's show sucks. But with Mix 105, there hasn't been a live & local show on 105.1 in ages, so it's not like we're 'losing' a local morning show.

Sure, I'd rather have live & local shows, too. But I think all this hand-wringing over there not being any live & local shows in Madison just doesn't line up with the reality.

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